"Request to Delete" Form

In an effort to put users first and be as transparent as possible, we offer the ability for our members to have us delete individual information that has been collected through the use of our website and app. We offer this to ALL users, regardless of their location - despite the fact that the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) only requires businesses to offer this to CA residents. At ACEA, we believe in putting our users first, regardless of where they reside.

We collect data from users in order to:
  • Allow users to sign in and securely access their accounts
  • Provide you with the desired functionality of our product by using user-entered information such as continuing education (“CE”) history
  • Customize educational and other non-advertising content suggestions

ACEA believes that YOU should be in control of your data, first and foremost.

If you would prefer to learn what specific data has been collected, please fill out a “Request to Know” form instead. To submit a request for us to delete all of your personal information, please fill out the form below, or call us at 617-399-2222. There will be a verification step as well.

Note that choosing this option deletes ALL data associated with this account, and by extension your account entirely. If you decide to move forward with deleting your personal information, please know that this is an irrevocable action. You would have to start from scratch again if you go through with the deletion and decide to use ACEA services in the future. If you would still like to continue, please submit the form to the right: