Do Not Sell My Personal Information

ACEA values and respects your privacy. We believe in giving our users a choice regarding the data that is collected from using our site and app. Effective in 2020, The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) provided California residents with certain rights in respect to their personal information, including the right to opt out of businesses “selling” their personal information. This was a great starting point, but it was only intended to benefit those residing in California. At ACEA, we believe these rights should be extended to all users, not just California residents.

The CCPA has a very broad definition of the word “sale”. ACEA never actually sells user information to third parties, nor do we give it to advertisers. We do not make a profit from sharing user data. Sometimes, however, data is passed along to third-parties for a variety of reasons, all aimed to improve your experience and allow us to deliver useful content. Occasionally, we will pass user information to:

  • Support and marketing systems to enable us to provide useful information and support as part of our service
  • Payment processors when necessary, to enable transactions and subscriptions
  • Partners such as Aggregage, which allows us to provide our newsletter via
  • Analytics tools (such as Google Analytics) to effectively understand our membership and improve the product experience
  • Third-party education sites when a user requests that we register them for a specific course

Regardless of where you live, we offer the opportunity to opt out of the "sale" of your personal information by completing and submitting the form below, or calling us at 617-399-2222.